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Fragments Yves Rousseau 7tet -

reference number : J2081
release date : 18/12/2020
Photos : © Jeff Humbert et Anne-Claire Alvoët


EPK Fragments - Yves rousseau septet

about this album

These fragments are memories of those three teen ager life when I studied at the lyceum, between 1976 and 1979. At the time I was discovering, stupefied, the music of great groups such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine or Genesis, then at the heyday of their careers. Apart from two quotations (one from David Crosby, and the other from Robert Fripp) all my scores are originals. They are the fruit of my life as an improviser and composer listening to the surrounding world. They have been written in the memory of those exciting discoveries and flashing experiences. Yves Rousseau, april 2020.


It's not an exhaustive list.

march 2023


01. Reminiscence
part I
part II
02. Personal computer
ending with "Orleans" by David Crosby
03. Abyssal ecosystem
04. Darkness desire
part I
part II
05. Crying shame
06. Oat beggars
07. Winding pathway
part I
part II
part III
part IV
08. Efficient nostalgia

Total time: 63'26
Photos : © Jeff Humbert et Anne-Claire Alvoët