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jazzophone quartet

blues for geo

reference number : J2004
release date : 2000-03-03
available in : CD (12€)


The Jazzophone Quartet goes on asserting, always more and more, its original and esthetical opinions, shared between rowed traditions and tempered modernity. Skilled sophisticated polyphonies ; the writing is organised like in a frame and, meanwhile, is hustled by the free style of improvisation ; the writing line is clear and pure as well as the building is deep ; the four young saxophonists charm with the freshness of their inspiration, while they follow the path of their famous eldest ( the Quartet Made in France of Chautemps, DiDonato, Jeanneau, Maté ; but above all the World Saxophone Quartet, the common reference with Tim Berne…).
01. Blues for Geo
02. En attendant
03. Pannonica (part1)
04. Pannonica (part2)
05. Mister BanBan
06. Monk’s Dream

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