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La danse du souffle Brass danse orchestra

reference number : J2062
release date : 22/09/2014

A propos du disque

Why has the music for dancing for so long been considered entirely apart from music that one listens to ? We forget no doubt that dance is an art that involves listening, an active form of listening by the body absorbed in movement.
Listening to music with the heart or the brain leads to a less demonstrative reaction. Music does not always touch us in the same manner and so it can stir us in different ways.
The stories of our lives are entwined with this music.
Join in the dance and the poetry in motion created by four wind-instrument musicians.

“Dance has nothing more to say : dance has plenty to tell!” Maurice Béjart


It's not an exhaustive list.

november 2020


revue, column, blog

radio, audio


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