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Jean-Louis Pommier trombone player • composer


Following his classical music studies at the Conservatoire of music in Le Mans, Jean Louis Pommier dedicated himself to jazz and has played in many French metropolitan jazz formations (Big Band Jean-Loup Longnon, Big Band Ornicar, Bande à Badault, ONJ Badault, Barthélemy & Tortiller, Onztet de Caratini, Multicolor Feeling d’Eddy Louiss, Zoom Top Orchestra, Le Gros Cube d’Alban Darche...)

In addition to his many musical collaborations he participates in numerous teaching projects. He has also emerged as a renowned composer completing commissions for Radio France and Europa Jazz Festival. He composes particularly for his group Qüntet and more recently for the LPT.3 trio.
He is also a co-founder (along with Alban Darche and Sébastien Boisseau) of the very active music label and collective YOLK which has offered a generation of musicians the opportunity to flourish.


It's not an exhaustive list.

november 2020
12  concert  Yves Rousseau 7tet - @ D'Jazz Nevers festival (58)
28  concert  Brass danse orchestra @ fest. au sud du nord, Boissy le Cutté (91)

december 2020
05  concert  Clover @ Echo System, Scey-sur-Saône-et-Saint-Albin (70)

january 2021
19  concert  Clover @ Le Mans Université
23  concert  Yves Rousseau 7tet - @ La Passerelle, Scène Nationale de Gap (05)
29  concert  Yves Rousseau 7tet - @ Théâtre Comoedia Marmande (47)


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