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Meivelyan Jacquot composer and multi instrumentist


Born in the 70's in Nantes (France), Meivelyan Jacquot, self-taught, is introduced into the world of music through the drums at the age of 4.

His compositions are for :
. films ( Sébastien Marqué, Charly Mars,Cie Alice).
. television documentaries ( TV5, France 3), Eskwad Production
. theater : "La Paix des Braves" (Jean Claude Carrière, Régis Florés)
. contemporary dancing ( Elisa Commeyne, Anne Lise Brewer)
. advertising ,Scopic Production

He played in a great many venues and in many festivals playing for various artists in :

Quartethno Sabaa,Baptiste Trotignon, Alban darche, Geoffroy Tamisier, Daniel Givone,Ghali Hadefi Jean Louis Pommier…

Jean Jacques Goldman,Renaud, Alice Dona…

Dave Mackey trio,Supertramp, Beverly Jo Scott, Diane K, les Rapalas,Michael Jones,Naturalibus,Guillaume Farley…

Daniel Givone, Agadez,Marianne Farouch Orchestra, les Szgaboonistes…

Sebastien Tellier, Poni Hoax, Jeanne Balibar, Jasmine Vegas,
Alice Lewis…

. CLASSICAL (the "From Two" project with the classical pianist Estelle Grand)

He collaborated to :

. the making of the original soundtrack – by Baptiste Trotignon- of the film ‘Sartre, l’âge de raison’ of Claude Goretta.
. the recording of albums : ‘Excalibur’ ( Roger Hogdson, Alan Simon), Alice Dona, Julien Voulzy, Michael Jones, Diane K, Alice Lewis, QuartethnoSabaa, Claude Turner, Dave Mackey, Daniel Givone, Naturalibus, Albert Magister, Wladimir Anselme, Charise, Hugue Pluviose, Marianne Feder, Meïssa, Michel Deshays, Jean Pierre Souchaire, Les Szgaboonistes…)
. the video clip ‘Je ne mens pas’ in art direction and editing for singer Olivier Gann
. the recording of the big band ‘Le Gros Cube’ of Alban Darche as video director
. the project ‘Tribute to Wayne Shorter’ (Thomas Duvigneau, Sylvain Fétis, Jérôme Cahagnier) commissioned by the City of Nantes (Armand Meignan) for the festival ‘Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre’.
meivelyan jacquot


It's not an exhaustive list.

june 2020
08  concert  Longboard @ Péniche Marcounet, Paris
09  concert  Longboard @ Chapêlmêle, Alençon (61)


other works
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Meivelyan - Filmworks II - meivelyan (uniquement en téléchargement)
Diane K - Unshared thoughts secretly wanting to be told-Yapad'Pay
Naturalibus -Naturalibus-Zylo/lavoisine
Albert Magister - Magister Rock Circus - l'ours qui danse
Excalibur - La Légende des Celtes -Sonymusic