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“YOLK BOX? New format, personal edition

Yolk records is 10 years old and rediscovers the traditional style of its beginning…


Yolk records is launching a brand new collection. It has got a new case size that provides artists with a wider space for expression in order to reinforce what binds them to those who take time to listen to their music, and to increase the meaning of the act of recording by filling each box with different objects chosen with artists (posters, postcards, various objects…). New references will be edited in limited series and sold directly at prices that will remain close to handicrafts prices.


Thus Yolk reaffirms the choices that prevailed when it was created, 15 years ago.

15 years ago, as the inevitable disappearance of places where one could discover recorded music (i.e. the record shops) was about to happen, as well as disappearance of record skills (scarcity of record dealers, of producers), we started to improvise a way of “home-making” records. Our apartments were then turned into logistic centres where we could fold, stick, craft, wrap in cellophane the yellow CD boxes and store the CDs.


The mode of production is also a craft one, since each band finances its own recording and CD-making, and can (rarely) get its money back with sales. Therefore Yolk is a “self-production federation” which finds a real coherence as a label in the selection of artistic projects as well as in graphics, two typical features that are mainly responsible for its well-established fame.


Yolk records chooses to favour direct selling


15 years ago, the first bands to be published on Yolk Records were Jazzophone, Triade, Qüntet, Quartethno, OLH, and all of them were situated in the West of France. Since then, Yolk has federated beyond generations, from Kenny Wheeler to Sidony Box, beyond styles, from Tim Berne to Katerine, and beyond frontiers (pan European project Zoom!).

Since then, Yolk has totalized circa 70 references and has received a Django d’or for its whole activity and praise from the critics.

Since then, the disappearance of real material (and the selling of digital files) has increased. Since then, the record departments of cultural shops have cut down to a minimum.



Today we are deciding to stand aloof from mass marketing. From now on, the references of Yolk Records catalogue will be available via the website (www.yolkrecords.com).


After this effort, far beyond its function of editor and distributor, Yolk records will be able to remain a platform of encounters, an attractive area for musicians who find their way around the creative music the label publishes.”

Sébastien Boisseau, Jean-Louis Pommier, Alban Darche, founders and artistic directors of Yolk Records.

translation Eric Amrofel


alban darche, sébastien boisseau, jean-louis pommier, Yolk's founders & artistic directors
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