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ZOO Francois de Larrard

reference number : J2051
release date : 11/12/2010
Photos : DR

about this album

Zoo- Solo Piano
Yolk Box limited series

“Zoo is a suite marked by stops and starts on the theme of captivity. Each part of the suite is structured by a left-hand ostinato, sort of cage in which an animal walks round and round. The right hand expresses the desires, memory and dreams of the prisoner. It is the free flight of the mind that the left hand cannot completely master.
The CD illustrates the visit of the zoo: the listener goes from one cage to another. In every place he meets a new animal; some of them are savages and wild, others are more affable. Some ignore the visitors, whereas others come across them and wait for the food. Some of them are outraged and others are resigned.

Between the cages, the listener is assailed with other images. In “Rose fait les courses”, he is the invisible witness of the wanderings of a very young girl through the frenzy of a city. “Chromatodisvalsique” tells about the South of Italy and the overwhelming sun in squalid and poor suburbs. “Monk’s Mood” is the spirit of the great musician, solemn and calm, so familiar and always strange. In “Folk Song” we can hear a flute echoing in a valley (green British landscape, mackerel sky…) “Mayo” is a waltz pregnant with the memory of a lost and loved one. Then, “Portail” is a story within the story: we go through the door and take successively 3 different paths that lead us to different worlds. But the listener comes back to the zoo and ends his tour in front of the seventh cage.
When he eventually leaves this prison, he is haunted by the cyclical and vanishing sound of the wildcat brushing its bars…And he pictures himself in a cage too. Anyway, aren’t we already in a cage?”

François de Larrard

“The art of painting borrows from musical language. It creates correspondences in the playing, which is made of colours and rhythmic lines –brown and black shades, deep blue, resonant red or pink touch…François de Larrard found harmony between paintings and his musical creation, coloured and illuminated. Thus one can hear with eyes and imagine music, as well as silence.”

Colette Rouillon

translation Eric Amrofel


revue, column, blog

radio, audio


1 - Rose fait des courses
2 - Zoo 2
3 - Chromatodisvalsique
4 - Zoo 3
5 - Monk’s mood
6 - Zoo 4
7 - Folk song
8 - Zoo 5
9 - Mayo
10 - Zoo 6
11 - Portail
12 - Zoo 7