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Sébastien Boisseau double bass, Yolk cofounder


Living in Nantes where he jointly runs the Yolk Records label, Sébastien Boisseau has become a reknown double bass player in Europe.
He develops a powerful and elegant playing, his references are anchored in jazz, somewhere between Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Marc Johnson and Scott Lafaro.
He composes for his projects Wood and Unit and participates in numerous collective projects in France and in Europe

Faithful to his early partners (Alban Darche, Denis Badault, Matthieu Donarier, Jean-Louis Pommier) he has collaborated and produced music with numerous figures of Jazz : Daniel Humair, Joachim Kühn, Louis Sclavis, Charlie Mariano, Marc Ducret, Martial Solal, Misha Mengelberg, John Hollenbeck, Pat Metheny, Michel Portal, Gábor Gadó, Eric Watson, Stéphan Oliva, Hans Lüdemann, Samuel Blaser, Piotr Wojstasik, John Tchicai, Mikko Innanen, Kenny Werner, Simon Goubert, Pierre Dørge…

His meeting with Jean-Yves Evrard has taken him towards other approaches of instant music like with his performances (the project « Il n'y a pas de fraises en hiver » = there are not strawberries in winter), singing (Daniel Hélin) and theatre where he plays alongside him in the play by flemsich author Arne Sierens « DePijnders »)
In 2011, he composes the score for the silent film by Teinosuke Kinugasa « A mad page » 1926 which he interprets at the « festival of art history » in Fontainebleau.

With Louis Sclavis and Jean-Paul Delore they have designed « Idioms and Lights » a recital based on French speaking authors (Michaux, Sony Labou Tansi, Dieudonné Niangona, Charles Beaudelaire…). Sébastien Boisseau also offers short duo programmes in « music lounges » where the host invites his friends and neighbours to discover the practice of improvisation at close range.
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It's not an exhaustive list.

may 2024
11  concert  David Chevallier trio @ Jans (44)
24  concert  David Chevallier trio @ Saint-Nazaire (44)


other works
Du Grain à Moudre (movie soundtrack LP, 2014)
Gábor Gadó quartet feat. Dave Liebman "Ungrund" (BMC 2013)
Jean-Marc Foltz "Viracochas" (CD+LP Visions fugitives, 2013)
Alban Darche 'My Xmas Trax' (Pépin et plume, 2013)
F.M. "The Organ King" (Adone 2013)
Alban Darche 'Orphicube' (Pépin et plume, 2013)
Simon Spang-Hanssen trio, "Luna Moon" (Gateway Music, 2013)
Daniel Hélin & Jean-Yves Evrard "Le crépuscule des idiots" (Danses du possible 2013)
H3B "Songs no Songs" - Badault, Huby, Boisseau, Arthurs (Abalone 2012)
Hans Lüdemann "Die kunst des trios" (BMC 2011)
Trio Rooms - Lüdemann, Boisseau, Terzic (BMC 2010)
H3B - Badault, Huby, Boisseau, Arthurs (Abalone 2010)
Darche, Gado, Boisseau "Budapest Concert" (BMC 2010)
MKMB - Marguet, Khün, Monniot, Boisseau (BMC 2009)
Daniel Humair "Bonus Boom" (BEE JAZZ 2009)
European Jazz Ensemble "30th anniversary tour 2006" (KONNEX 2009)
Gábor Gadó "Byzantinum" (BMC 2008)
Laia Genc liaison tonique - Polyfangastronosia (JazzHausMusik 2008)
Oliva/Raulin "Echoes of Spring" (MELISSE 2008)
Mâäk's Spirit "Stroke" (NEF 2008)
François Jeanneau "quans se taisent les oiseaux" (BEE JAZZ 2007)
Alban Darche "Trumpet Kingdom" ( BMC 2007)
Nicolas Simion "Transylvanian grooves" (7dreams 2007)
Mâäk's Spirit "Five" (DEWERF 2006)
UNIT "Time Setting" (BMC 2006)
Gabor Gado/Gabor Winand "Opéra Budapest" (BMC 2006)
Olah, Bacso, Boisseau "Fitting" (BMC 2006)
Ambrosetti-Humair-Boisseau-Moroni (ENJA 2006)
Triade - « Entropie » (MINIUM 2006)
Barbara Carlotti "Chansons" (BC 2004)
Gábor Gadó "Psyché" (BMC 2004)
Darche Gado Boisseau – « Stringed » (BMC 2004)
Gabor Gado – « Modern Dances » (BMC 2004)
Gueorgui Kornazov Quintet "Essence de Roses" (CRISTAL 2004)
Zufferey, Boisseau, Humair – « Après l’orage » (BEE JAZZ 2004)
Daniel Humair « Baby Boom Quintet » (SKETCH 2003)
Humair,Boisseau,Friedman,Stamm – « Ear Mix » (SKETCH 2003)
Gabor Gado – « Unknown Kingdom » (BMC 2003)
Gabor Gado « Orthodoxia » (BMC 2003)
Mico Nissim "Victor is Dancing" (AA 2003)
Gabor Gado – « Homeward » (BMC 2002)
Gabor Winand - « Corners of my mind » (BMC 2002)
Triade (AA 1997)
Triade (EEJ 1997)
Ildo "Haitza" (ILDO 001)