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Sylvain Lemêtre


Regardless of whether it is written, oral, organized or improvised, coming from before or after us, whether it is specific, archaic, minimal, outrageous, urban, chamber or abroad, music remains a subject of sound and sharing. The very one Sylvain Lemêtre met and knew since childhood, exactly as traditional musicians build from their own musical inheritage their own traditional music. He likes to say he is a «conservatory-grown self-taught musician », constantly sharpening his listening skills by engaging with other artists. He is taking part in numerous artistic creations, collaborating with MH. Fournier, A.Serre-Milan, G.Siracusa, Y.Maresz, J.Combier, JP.Drouet, F.Sarhan, T. Blondeau, G. Pesson, R. Cendo, F. Cotinaud, S. Hélary, M. Ducret. D. Chouillet, F. Marillier. He has been musical director for several performances, lately composed the music for « l'île inconnue » (J.Saramago / Cie l'Alinéa), «Cimes et Racines » (Cie Déviation), «l'énergie du plafond » for Quatuor Béla and «Soufflé » for artist Nicolas Frize. He is a member of Jean-François Vrod’s « Soustraction des fleurs », Ensemble Cairn led by Jérôme Combier, Surnatural Orchestra, musical theater’s duet « Léger Sourire », Marc Ducret’s sextet « Real Thing #3 », and newly works with Matthieu Donarier and Poline Renou in «Adieu mes très belles ».


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