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Pianist Stephan Oliva began confirming his reputation in the late eighties, in trio, duo and solo; his style and highly sensitive touch did not go unnoticed. A true original, he confidently assumes his eclectic taste which ranges from his own compositions to tributes to a wide variety of personalities including Bill Evans, Lennie Tristano, Paul Motian, Giacinto Scelsi, Paul Auster, Bernard Herrmann and more recently, his new reading of the pioneers of Harlem Stride.

His discography has been acclaimed by the press in the form of awards such as a “Golden Django – Revelation” (1992), Jazzman magazine’s “Shock of
the Year” (4 times, in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004), the Boris Vian Award from the French Academy of Jazz (2002), “Favourite Record” from the Charles Cros Academy (2002), listed in the Top 20 of Les Inrockuptibles magazine...

Among Stephan Oliva’s most significant groups: a trio with the great Paul Motian and Bruno Chevillon, another with Bruno Chevillon and François Merville, yet another with Claude Tchamitchian and Jean-Pierre Jullian, a quintet with Matthieu Donarier, JeanMarc Foltz, Bruno Chevillon and Nicolas Larmignat, a sextet with François Raulin, Marc Ducret, Laurent Dehors, Chris- tophe Monniot and Paul Rodgers, a quartet with Rémi Charmasson, Jari Hongisto and Claude Tchamitchian, a duo with Linda Sharrock, another with Joey Baron, and another with Susanne Abbuehl, the Echoes of Spring Quintet, the Soffio di Scelsi Trio...

After few years to work around the music movies with his beautiful trilogy out on Illusions Label, Stéphan Oliva is back with his favorite instrumental jazz set : the trio. Great band with an amazing rhythm section composed by Sébastien Boisseau & Tom Rainey. This new band will be launched by the Europa Jazz Festival.

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other works
2018 Cinéma Invisible
Stéphan Oliva, piano, fender rhodes Stéphane Oskéritzian, montage

2017 Princess
Stéphan Oliva, piano Susanne Abbuehl, voix Øyvind Hegg-Lunde, percussions
Vision Fugitive (L'autre distribution)

2016 Gershwin
Jean-Marc Foltz, clarinettes Stéphan Oliva, piano
Vison Fugitive

2016 Correspondances
François Raulin piano, Stéphan Oliva piano

2013 Vaguement Godard
Stéphan Oliva (piano solo)

2012 Visions Fugitives
Duo avec Jean-Marc Foltz (clarinettes)Vision Fugitive (CD et Vinyle) distribution Harmonia Mundi

2011 Film Noir
Stephan Oliva (Piano solo)

2010 Lives of Bernard Herrmann
solo "live" à Dudelange
sansbruit dist. en ligne

2009 Les liens du sang
BO du film de Jacques Maillot (avec François Cluzet, Guillaume Canet, Clotilde Hesme)
Cristal Records dist. Harmonia Mundi

2009 Stéréoscope
avec Claude Tchamitchian (cb) et Jean-Pierre Jullian (bat)
La Buissonne dist. Harmonia Mundi

2008 Pandore
Duo avec Jean-Marc Foltz (clar)

2008 Echoes of Spring
Quintet avec François Raulin (p), Laurent Dehors (clar), Christophe Monniot (sax), Sébastien Boisseau (cb)
Mélisse dist. Abeille Musique

2008 Aquarian forest
Rémi Charmasson (guitare électrique), Jari Hongisto (trombone), Stéphan Oliva (piano), Claude Tchamitchian (contrebasse)
Emouvance (distr Abeille Musique)

Ghosts of Bernard Herrmann
2007 Ghosts of Bernard Herrmann
Stephan Oliva (piano, Fender Rhodes)

2007 Soffio di Scelsi
Jean-Marc Foltz (clarinettes, percussions), Stephan Oliva (piano, percussions), Bruno Chevillon (contrebasse, percussions, voix)
La Buissonne (distr Harmonia Mundi)

2006 Miroirs
Duos avec Susanne Abbuehl(v.) Joey Baron (d.) Jean-Marc Foltz (cl.) Linda Sharrock (v.) Claude Tchamitchian (b.)
Minium (Discograph)

2005 Coïncidences
Stephan Oliva (piano, Fender Rhodes), Bruno Chevillon (contrebasse)
la Buissonne (distr Harmonia Mundi)

2004 Itinéraire Imaginaire
avec Matthieu Donarier (s), Jean Marc Foltz (cl), Bruno Chevillon (cb), Nicolas Larmignat (d)
SKETCH - distr Harmonia Mundi

2002 Sept Variations sur Lennie Tristano
avec F. Raulin (p), Marc Ducret (g), L. Dehors (cl), C. Monniot (s), P. Rodgers (b), B. Chevillon (b) - Choc de l'année 2002 Jazzman - Disque
SKETCH - distr Harmonia Mundi

2002 Intérieur Nuit
"live" avec Paul Motian (dr) et Bruno Chevillon (b)
NIGHT BIRD MUSIC - dist Harmonia Mundi
2000 Fantasm
Trio avec Paul Motian (d) et Bruno Chevillon (b)
BMG/RCA Victor

1999 Tristano
EMOUVANCE (distr Harmonia Mundi)

1998 Jazz’n (e) Motion
BMG/RCA Victor

1996 Jade Visions
OWL Record (dist Universal)

1993 Clair Obscur
PAN MUSIC (dist Night and Day)

1991 Novembre
OWL Time Line-dist Universal

1988 Souen
CELP (distr Harmonia Mundi)