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Sandrine Marchetti Pianist


Sandrine Marchetti begins the piano at the age of 8, instinctively, by listening to and replaying songs and film music by ear. It was only 4 years later that she took classical piano lessons, and a few years later chose to move towards jazz with Stephan Danenmuller, an excellent teacher who will know how to put her in confidence and transmit her a real passion. for this music.
Sandrine discovers a wide palette of colors through harmony, improvisation and composition, and music then becomes a real means of expression. Thanks to the encouragement of her teacher, she continued her musical studies at the Chambéry Conservatory, where she learned harmony and arrangement with the excellent musician and arranger Pierre Drevet and obtained her D.E.M Jazz.
At that time, Sandrine initiated various projects such as the Noyaa sextet, the Big Fish quintet and the Trismus trio, groups in which she was co-leader, composer and arranger and with which she performed regularly in the Rhône region. -Alps in several clubs and festivals (Péristyle de Lyon, Savoie d'Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Un doua de Jazz, Jazz club de Chambéry, Hot club de Lyon, Périscope). She also joined the POLYCARPE collective in Lyon at the same time, which gave her the opportunity to meet and play with excellent musicians such as Stéphane Foucher, Basile Mouton, Eric Prost, Andy Baron, Florent Nisse, Jon Boutellier, Jean Joly , Ben Guyot, Malcolm Potter.
In 2007 she was admitted to the entrance examination of the jazz department of the C.N.S.M of Paris. She therefore decides to settle in Paris where she studies with Riccardo Del Fra, François Théberge, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin, Patrick Moutal, excellent musicians and demanding teachers with whom she will learn a certain discipline and rigor, especially at the level of the arrangement (writing for Nonets, Big-Bands, Symphony Orchestra). Thanks to the support of Riccardo Del Fra, she has the opportunity to compose for the theater play "A l'ombre" written by Pauline Sales, and directed by Philippe Delaigue, a play that will be performed in many national theaters in France. . His entry into the C.N.S.M and his coming to Paris allowed him to study with great musicians (Wynton Marsalis, Bill Carrothers, Fred Hersch, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier, Billy Hart...) and to perform with stage musicians. Parisian jazz (Anne Paceo, Matteo Bortone, Romain Cuoq, Fred Borey, Fred Pasqua, Pierre Perchaud, Antonin Tri-Hoang, Michael Cheret, Manu Domergue, Loïs Le Van ...)
In 2010, she obtained the National Superior Professional Musician Diploma with honors at the C.N.S.M.D.P.
Between 2011 and 2014, Sandrine regularly composed and played accompaniments to silent films and short films at the Auditorium of the Musée d'Orsay, the link between music and image being for her a real source of inspiration and freedom. . She is also an arranger, and notably arranges "Sur le Fil" for LIFT's first album, "Ivy Said" and "Are We the Unknown" for Loïs Le van's first album, "Over the rainbow" for the "Amazing Keystone Big Band", "Souffle" for the C.N.S.M.D.P big band, the project of Brazilian singer Ivo Correia, and part of the new Big Band album by Loïs Le Van "Rendez Vous à L'ovyne"
She then set up her own quartet (Saxophone: Romain Cuoq, Double bass: Matteo Bortone, Drums: Anne Paceo), joined the sextet of Loïs Le Van, singer with whom she co-wrote the music poetry duo "les Yeux de Berthe". .
In 2019-2020 she joined the VIND trio (with Paul Jarret and Loïs Le Van), and TROUBADOURS (Sylvain Rifflet's latest project with Benjamin Flament, Verneri Pohjola).
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