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YOLK BOX?  New format, personal edition

Yolk records is launching a brand new collection. It has got a new case size that provides artists with a wider space for expression in order to reinforce what binds them to those who take time to listen to their music, and to increase the meaning of the act of recording by filling each box with different objects chosen with artists (posters, postcards, various objects…).  New references will be edited in limited series and sold directly at prices that will remain close to handicrafts prices.

Thus Yolk reaffirms the choices that prevailed when it was created, 15 years ago.





John Hollenbeck, Alban Darche, Sébastien Boisseau & Samuel Blaser 2nd album.

It is said that Jass goes back far into the distant past. It is a rustic, perennial plant that roots deeply in soils, ranging from the most fertile to the chalkiest. It has even been seen to sprout between the paving stones of the “Lonyay Utca”, Budapest’s high street, built on the silt bed of the Danube. Even the noise and bustle of the city, with its unpredictable rhythms and the clattering of vigorous strings, does not stop its leaves from reaching up to embrace the sun’s rays as it prepares to burst into bloom. When its rhizomes are planted close to the river that irrigates the whole of Central Europe, Jass takes on a variegated hue. With warmer fragrances it is spicier… and spikier too. It can be influenced by transatlantic gulf streams, from Nantes to New York, and even climatic differences between East and West Coast, pollinating the fields of Jass with other perennials likes seeds blown from a dandelion clock.

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