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Denis Badault piano player


Regularly solicited for writing works, he composes heartily for prestigious soloists such as Les Percussions Claviers de Lyon than spectaculars pieces for 600 amateurs musicians (Orchestrades Universelles de Brives). He develops a teaching activity at the same time in order to share his convictions on improvisation, collective play and interpretation (Toulouse Conservatory). As a piano player, he drives different small groups : the "Trio Bado" with Olivier Sens (bass) and François Melville (drums) (cd Yolk, 2001), the Three Keyboards with Andy Emler (piano and Fender) and Emmanuel Bex (Orgue Hammond), and, more recently, the H3B quartet with Regis Huby (violin), Sébastien Boisseau (double bass) and Tom Arthurs (trumpet). His curiosity and his opening mind leads him to work naturally with the contemporary dance (Loic Touzé), the electronic (Olivier Sens and his program "Usine" for computer) or performers such as Eric lareine ("Duo Reflex"). Since 2008, Denis Badault is "Compagnon" of the Scene Nationale of Sete for four seasons. He is "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" (a french national distinction by the Ministery of Culture).

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other works
• "Ekwata", en duo avec Simon SPANG-HANSSEN, Label Bleu 1995
• "Bouquet final", Orchestre National de Jazz, live au Dunois, Label Bleu 1994
• "Monk/Mingus/Ellington", Orchestre National de Jazz, Label Bleu 1993
• "À plus tard", Orchestre National de Jazz, Label Bleu 1992
• "En vacances au soleil", la Bande à BADAULT, live au Dunois, Label Bleu 1988
• "ONJ 86", direction François JEANNEAU, Label Bleu 1987