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au bonheur des anges Geoffroy Tamisier trio

reference number : J2022
release date : 08/05/2005


orage (alexis thérain)

about this album

With “Au bonheur des Anges” Geoffroy Tamisier offers us an album of delicacy and reticent sadness, which reveals all the finesse of his writing and playing. Accompanied by the guitarist Alexis Thérain, member of the National Jazz Orchestra and by the double bassist Frédéric Chiffoleau, another gem of the French jazz scene, Geoffroy Tamisier has kept a special line-up for this disc: bass-guitar-trumpet. This formula was first used by Chet Baker in 1979 with the Niels Orsted Pedersen Quartet and Doug Raney on “The Touch of Your Lips”. Chet Baker, the magician, rebel and hero of a whole generation, who was said to write as he played, without frills, in a style both simple and full of life. Geoffroy Tamisier, however, plays as he writes: each note counts, he chooses his words and crafts his phrases with care. Two styles and yet a very similar universe, dreamlike and with a profoundly moving poetry.