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Geoffroy Tamisier trumpeter


Geoffroy Tamisier was born in Nantes in 1973. After his studies at Nantes Conservatory (prizes : cornet, trumpet, musical training, chamber music, and writing diploma), he entered the National Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Paris, and in 1997 is awarded unanimously a First place Prize in François Jeanneau's jazz class. That same year, at La Défense National Jazz Competition, he won the composition prize for his work with the Jazzophone Quartet.
He starts his own band the following year, OLH Acoustic, awarded by both La Défense competition and Avignon's Jazz springboard. OLH Acoustic albums “Une vie sans lune” (2000) and “G Meets K” - with Kenny Wheeler – (2002) were released by Yolk Records.
Trumpeter but also composer and arranger, Geoffroy Tamisier has been collaborating for more than 15 years with Mukta (Jade albums, Dancing on one’s hands, Indian Sitar and World Jazz on WEA). He was part of Claude Barthélémy's National Jazz Orchestra from 2002 to 2004. He then started his trio with Alexis Thérain (guitar) and Frédéric Chiffoleau (double bass). “Au bonheur des anges” (2005) was released by Yolk.
Since then, he has been playing and recording with “Jazzarium” by Guillaume Saint-James; "Diagonal" by Jean-Christophe Cholet; "The Big Cube" by Alban Darche; Chel; "4 star bivouac"; “Brass Dance Orchestra” (with François Thuillier, Jean-Louis Pommier and Didier Ithursarry); Jacques Pellen, Didier Squiban, Baptiste Trotignon, Gueorgui Kornazov and Manu Codjia… In 2014 he started a new band: “Lagrimas Azules” with Laurent Jaulin (flamenco guitar), Didier Ithursarry (accordion) and Rachel Gaiguant (dance and palmas). He is one of Alban Darche's new bands: "Pacific" with Jozef Dumoulin (piano and fender), Samuel Blaser (trombone) and Steve Argüelles (drums), and "Oh my Love", a 12 musicians orchestra started in 2019.
At the same time, he carried out numerous commissions for orchestras (the Brest Fleet Crew Orchestra, the harmonies of Laval, Meslay du maine, Bonchamps, Evron, Orthez, the Nantes Philar, the Orchestra Brittany Symphony)
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other works
Mukta « Haveli » (WEA 2005)
Idiomatik (El polito azul 2005)
Ensemble Epsilon « Sémaphore » • (Corélia 2004)
ONJ Claude Barthélemy « La fête de l’eau » • (Le chant du monde 2004)
ONJ Claude Barthélemy « Admirabelamour » • (Label Bleu 2003)
Mukta « Dancing on one’s hands » • (WEA 2000)
Klezmerstone • (auto-prod 2000)
Mukta « Jade » • (WEA 2000)
Mukta « Indian sitar & world jazz » • (WEA 1999)
Jean-Luc Chevalier Quartet «Hommage à Jaco» • (Seventh records 1996)
Jazzophone Quartet « Concert au Pannonica » • (Hot-Wood 1996)